Isagenix FAQs

Below we've answered the most common questions new users have when starting Isagenix. For any other questions, feel free to contact us

The Basics

Isagenix is a complete nutritional cleansing system, consisting of meal replacement shakes, supplements, energy and performance drinks, and healthy snacks. This is not a diet, but a holistic approach to a healthier lifestyle and a happier, stronger you!
Isagenix is for everybody looking to achieve healthier, more active lifestyle. Whether it's achieving better results in the gym, loosing some extra kilos or ageing more healthily, you can find a pack tailored to your requirements. See our case studies here.
The cost varies depending on which products and packs you choose. See our full Isagenix Price List Table here
Many, but not all, Isagenix products are safe for children. Please refer to the below link to the allergens table, which includes age group recommendations. Isagenix age group recommendations

Cleanse Days

On your Cleanse days, you'll be giving your digestive system a rest by replacing shakes and food with cleansing drinks Nourish for Life and Ionix Supreme, and plenty of water. To maintain your energy and blood sugar levels, there are snack options and energy shot drinks. Cleanse days allow your body to repair itself at a cellular level and flush out toxins, which are vital processes of nutritional cleansing.
The reason we cleanse is to give the body (especially the liver) a break from digesting, so that it can concentrate on cellular repair and releasing impurities. If we eat food on a cleanse day, even a small snack like a handful of nuts, this will halt or slow the cleansing process to allow the digestive system to get to work on breaking down that food. In order to get the best results inside your body on a cleanse day, you would ideally only consume the IsaDelights. Also remember it is especially important to keep hydrated during a cleanse day.
When we cleanse the body we release toxins, and drinking plenty of water not only keeps us hydrated, it helps flush out these toxins. Isagenix recommends that we drink around half our body weight, in ounces, of water per day - for instance, if you weigh 120 pounds, you should drink 60 ounces of water. Mineral or purified water is of course favourable to tap water. Also, remember that drinking tea counts towards your daily intake.
Cleanse days are nutritionally-supported fasting days, and during them you are abstaining from food. This may therefore cause complications for health conditions if your medications need to be ingested with a meal, or are required to maintain your blood sugar levels. If you are recovering from any disease, virus, or trauma to the body, you would normally require a good daily intake of nutrition and energy to aid your healing process and therefore cleanse days may offset this. Some medications are also formulated to be taken in balance with what you would usually eat, therefore having a conversation about the Isagenix products and systems with your healthcare professional can help you decide how to modify the way you use them to suit your personal circumstances.

Dietary Requirements

Please see link to Isagenix products allergen table to check each Isagenix product against your dietary requirements:
One of the Isagenix core values is to provide no-compromise products, meaning that the products are made using the highest-quality raw ingredients, and do use organic ingredients wherever possible. Non-organic ingredients are used where organic options are not available. All ingredients and products undergo thorough testing to ensure their safety, quality and potency.
Only E+ Shots contain caffeine. The caffeine in E+ Shots is naturally derived from green tea and yerba maté, providing a safe and efficient way of getting that energy boost for both the average person and the more athletic person.
The sugars in the IsaLean shakes and the bars are all derived from natural resources - there are no artificial sweeteners. The products also have a low-glycemic index, meaning that they won't cause your blood sugar levels to increase or decrease rapidly. As the IsaLean shakes are intended as meal replacements, they have been formulated to have the ideal ratio or carbohydrates, healthy fats and protein, to ensure that your diet is balanced. Your body - especially your brain - needs carbohydrates for energy. The sugar content in Isagenix products is completely safe and appropriate for a healthy diet.

Pre-Existing Health Conditions

Anyone currently under the care of a doctor or specialist, or taking medication for any medical condition should check with their doctor before starting any nutritional program. A good way of approaching this would be to take a list of ingredients in the products you plan to take next time you see your doctor, and have them verify whether they are safe for your condition. As your health improves, keep in mind that it may be necessary for your doctor to review your condition, in case your medications need to be adjusted.
During pregnancy and breast-feeding it is generally not advisable to try to lose weight. Your baby needs calories to gain a healthy weight, so cutting down can be dangerous. It is completely safe to incorporate Isagenix meal and snack options into your diet for extra nutrition, however they should not be used to replace meals. This is not to say that you shouldn't be eating healthily while pregnant/breast-feeding - it's always important to replace sugary/fatty/processed foods with healthier options. Cleanse for Life, Ionix Supreme, Natural Accelerator, or IsaFlush products are not appropriate for pregnant or lactating women, simply because the botanicals in these products have not been studied extensively enough in pregnant or lactating women. Please also be aware that the Essentials for Women supplement should not be used as a substitute for a prenatal multivitamin. Once you are no longer breastfeeding, you can safely start an Isagenix program.

I'm Already Using Isagenix...

If your weight loss has slowed, and you are following the Isagenix plan as advised, you can try the following:

  1. Increase your protein intake - replace your IsaLean shake with IsaLean Pro, which has a higher protein content. Also, ensure that the meals you are eating alongside your shakes are healthy and balanced, and contain some lean protein, e.g. fish, chicken, eggs, tofu. The extra protein can help boost metabolism, fat-burning and satiety.
  2. Drink plenty of water - we advise this not only to stay hydrated, but to assist with flushing toxins from your body. During a nutritional cleansing plan you release toxins from the body, and need to ensure we are drinking enough water to flush these out. Keeping hydrated will also help with your energy levels.
  3. Ensure you are eating enough fibre, as this can help keep your bowels regular and again assist with flushing the digestive system.